Friday, March 18, 2011

Entry Four

    Shaara continues to amaze me with his writing style and although some parts are a little mundane, I am still excited to start the next section every week. I find it very interesting that a very significant character, General Stuart from the Confederation, has yet to make an appearance yet. On many occasions several Generals grumble about his absence and how he could have impacted many events. 
   This week I made a song as well as a Glogster. The song is based off of the movie Despicable Me's soundtrack. I felt that kind of summed up the Battle of Gettysburg because both armies were willing to do anything for a very significant victory.  The lyrics are in the video but some of the rhymes were a little bit of a stretch so I would like to explain those. In the last line of the first verse I say, "Geroge G Meade from Potomac River, he’s coming up here to stop the leavers," meaning that he is stopping the Confederate Army which is composed from the states that seceded(left). Lastly, the last line of the second verse I said, "This is the story that the USA wrote." I was playing off of the saying, "History is written by the victors," and saying that the USA won. My Glogster is titled The Killer Angels: Battle of Gettysburg and basically summarizes the battle as well as adding some interesting facts. Both of these creative elements were fun to make and while searching for things to mention in them, I found myself with a fuller knowledge of this battle.

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